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About [REVOSA]

REVOSA is an independent storefront that launched in February 2015, by CMDR Nova 駅陰ヌ (nova.waifu), resident of Second Life. It began as a car parts specialization business that designed custom engine parts and paint jobs for drivers at the Tokagoya Highlands.

About six months down the line preceding this, REVOSA gradually became an accessory line of random objects as Nova began to learn the use of Blender, all while being the co-owner and manager of a Mass Effect themed nightclub by the name of Afterlife.

Going into 2016, REVOSA finally moved to a real location--a Chung-owned estate, where her store finally began to take shape.

It was here that REVOSA started to become an alternative/goth accessory and clothing-line, but it would take a lot of work to learn the ins and outs of rigging and weighting for even just one body in the virtual world. Many sleepless nights were spent creating mesh, and then throwing it away after days of struggles.

Eventually, though, she would get the hang of it, and build REVOSA into a store of over two hundred different products.

In Halloween of 2016, REVOSA would be part of its first ever event, the Bloody Horror Fair. This is an event that, unfortunately, stopped operating after this point, but it was as memorable event--a milestone in this store's history.

Author: CMDR Nova

Going into 2017, this is when [REVOSA] would find its next identity as the creepy pastel couture it was destined to be, until early 2023.

Nova herself has been in and out of the virtual world due to real life issues and concerns, but her store has always been her top priority, and Linden-gods willing, will never shut down.

Especially as we move into 2023 and beyond!

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